Three Steps to Better Technical Rigging in After Effects

Problem: You’re working on a video series with several mograph elements. Your turnaround time ranges from 10 minutes to a few days. Lower thirds, visuals, and other elements are 100% reliant on the VO. The talk track itself might even be edited or swapped out. How do you configure your project to enable changes efficiently

Planned Parenthood Logo Animation Case Study

Role: Logo Animation, Motion Design SystemClient: Planned Parenthood I led the initiative to create elegant, modern animations for Planned Parenthood’s trademark logos. Context This was especially crucial during 2020, a year in which the organization launched telehealth capabilities across several states. These assets reached 17+ million Planned Parenthood patients and supporters and more, in videos


Role: Storyboard, Animation, Sound DesignClient: Project for School of Motion – Advanced Motion Methods Project: “Tips to Prevent a Plant Fail” Illustration: Sarah Beth MorganMusic: “Origami Tulips” by Lullatone

How to Simplify If/Else Statements Using the Ternary Operator

The ternary operator offers a simpler way of writing if/else statements in Javascript. When I first started learning Javascript for After Effects, it was staple to write if/else statements. If this, do that, otherwise, do something else. If this text is All Caps, make this Yellow, otherwise, keep this Black. This kind of statement is

Creating Flexible Compositions with Match()

If there’s anything we know for sure by now, it is that change is a constant. That’s why the match() method is another important expression tool to add to our toolbox. Let’s look at this example: We have a composition with 1) a big circle and 2) a text element. We can change the text

When to Fiddle with sourceRectAtTime Extents

The sourceRectAtTime feature is commonly used to connect one layer’s dimensions to control another layer. For example, imagine a box with the words “My soul is a hidden orchestra” on top of it. You can use sourceRectAtTime to make the box expand or contract based on the text that is on top of it. Below

Adapting to Change with Responsive Design Time

Change is the nature of the universe. This outlook underpins Daoist philosophy, as well as After Effects workflow. That’s why it’s best practice to export motion graphic templates (mogrts) with Responsive Design – Time. Recipe: Set up the animations in your comp. Set up Responsive Time by creating Protected Regions. Test the nested comp by

Creating Your Source of Truth with Text Styling Expressions

As of After Effects 17.0, you can use expressions to edit text styles in After Effects. Here’s why this would transform your workflow: Title Design: Link multiple text layers to one source of truth, for consistency and precision. Save time: Don’t waste your precious mental energy and hours of the day clicking into individual text

Roux – Publication Concept

Concept for an online magazine called Roux, on the love of making and baking bread—especially breads that are beloved and proverbial in non-Western parts of the world. In the bread space, the spotlight tends to shine on the kind of loaves that my dad would jokingly call “dog sticks” (sticks used to brandish in front