Planned Parenthood Logo Animation Case Study

Role: Logo Animation, Motion Design System
Client: Planned Parenthood

I helped Planned Parenthood create elegant, clean animations for its trademark logos.

This was especially crucial during 2020, a year in which the organization launched telehealth capabilities across several states. The org also aimed to generate highly visible campaigns surrounding COVID-19, the U.S. election, sex education, and more.

Prior to this, there wasn’t a consistent method of treating the logos in a motion context. In-house and external teams approached them in various ways.

I refined the easing for the logo animations based on their respective tone of voice. The Planned Parenthood health care arm spoke from the voice of a provider; whereas the Planned Parenthood Action Fund spoke from the voice of an organizer.

This logo animation project enabled the org to express the brand in a cohesive, unified way.